Why should you not destroy personal for professional

Adesh Kumar Mishra
2 min readJan 29, 2022
Photo by Ali Morshedlou on Unsplash

Back in the year 2012, I was associated with a network marketing company where my role was to sell their holiday packages, computer courses, and other stuff with team building and management.
I started with joining my closest friends as I thought it could help them become financially free: without a doubt, most of them joined me.
My first associate was very close to me, and we used to share a healthy friendship. When I started working, I added multiple associates to his group (called downline in the leg system) hoping that he would start taking things seriously as he had invested nearly 10K in the program.

But our thinking process was entirely different: he took the program just because of me and was not interested in the business program. But I did not understand that and became thekedaar (contractor) of his success: nobody likes a contractor.

When one of my uplines visited (Senior Associate), I called my friend to meet him and thought he would become serious after that meeting. When the upline started talking, everything had been appearing normal initially. But talk started becoming satirical, insulting, and complaining gradually. I knew things were getting worse but couldn’t interrupt him because he was very senior to me. After half an hour, the upline stopped lecturing, and my friend left my room, devastated and sad. Nearly one week after this incident, he did not talk to me. After some time, he started talking, but talk became formal and lifeless and barely had any spark.

In 2014, I left that company as I destroyed more relationships than the money that I made in those two years. None of my uplines called me after I left neither did I.

Why am I sharing this? Sharing this is to forward a pretty simple message, “Never destroy your personal life and relationships for professional gains; We can have multiple professions in our life, but only a few friends and family who will look after us. “