Why is power cruel?

  1. Balban betrayed Razia and engineered a revolt against her, and eventually got her killed.
  2. He dethroned Behram shah and installed Masud as a king. Later he conspired against him too and replaced him with Nasir-ud-din.
  3. He made Nasir-ud-din his puppet and seized all the power from him.
  4. He poisoned several members of the ‘Corps of forty’ so that they did not dare to conspire against him and finally disbanded them altogether.
  5. After killing a rebel Tughril Khan, the Sultan ordered the killing of all Tughril’s friends and rebels. The situation has been described by Lane-Poole as, “Even a beggar to whom the usurper had been kind was not spared.”



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Adesh Kumar Mishra

Adesh Kumar Mishra

Engineer by degree, a Teacher by profession