Life with Liberty

Adesh Kumar Mishra
1 min readSep 6, 2021

“The role of the state is to hinder the hindrances that come in the path of liberty.”
When T.H Green gave his theory of positive liberty on which the idea of the welfare state has been established, he focused to maximise the liberty of the person making him empowered in the truest sense.
When we see today’s society, this liberty seems to be missing.

Some days before O.E.C.D released a report which shows that for the majority of Indians (poor or lower middle class); expenditure on housing, healthcare, and education is rising as a percentage of their income. Along with it, the rate of inflation is very high in the healthcare and food sectors depriving them to live a dignified and happy life.

As health, education, housing are assumed to be a public good. It is the duty of the state to take care of these in the most effective and efficient manner. But are we really making any progress towards these goals despite having tons of policies and schemes?