Adesh Kumar Mishra
3 min readOct 11, 2021


A few years back, in my college, I joined a network multi-level company called E***.com Pvt ltd. When I joined as an associate/distributor, my age was closed around 19 years.

The primary work of the company was the production of online computer courses, holiday packages. When a distributor shows you the plan, the prime attention is on the business opportunity it provides, not the product itself. Lured by the 32 lakhs/year scheme, most college students join, thinking it will make them millionaires before 25.

Course seller asked to focus on intrinsic desires of human beings like fame, money, financial freedom. When a vulnerable person like me sees this, he thinks that the scheme will make him rich quickly other than any existing option. After joining, the associate relates to an upline(mentor), who asks him to read the company material to make sales.

Company material includes motivational speeches, propaganda about the founder (cult of personality), etc. The associate is asked to join seminars, board meetings, and conventions along with their friends. Some of the lines that one will be hearing are like this -

तीन साल आप ** को दे के देखिए। हो सकता है की आपकी दाढ़ी आने से पहले गाड़ी आ जाएं और पति बनने से पहले आप करोड़पति बन जाएं/

Give three years to **** and see. The car will come before your beard comes and you will become a millionaire before you become a husband.

प्लान सुनने के बाद मैंने अपने पापा को फोन लगाया और बोला, पापा १०००० रूपए दो, मैं बताता हूं की आज के बाद से पैसे कैसे कमाते हैं/

After listening to the plan, I called my father and said, father give 10000 rupees, I will tell how you earn money from today onwards.

These are only two statements from the ocean that you are going to hear in the board meeting. The young mind watches the pomp and show. Seeing the person of 22–25 years claiming to be a millionaire influences him to become one. The presenter makes him believe by saying “ जब मैं कर सकता हूं तो आप भी कर सकते हैं/ (When I can, you can too.).”

This young one filled with ambition approaches his friends/relatives to sell the course. Sometimes he gets succeeds, sometimes fails to sell. Part-time work becomes full-time work in a matter of weeks. In the process, he loses his peace, friends, time, and study. Targets make him sleepless that further decreases his potential. Over time, the situation gets only worse with no recourse to avail.

The question arises, why do we join such a scheme in the first place itself? The answer is simple; First, there are not enough jobs after graduation. Second, whatever the jobs are there, they are low-paid and not respected in society. Thirdly, everyone wants to earn more to fulfill their desires.

I heard once “पढ़ने की उम्र में आप अगर पैसे कमाने में लगे रहेंगे तो पैसे कमाने की उम्र में आपको पढ़ाई करनी पड़ेगी/(If you are engaged in earning money at the age of studies, then you will have to study at the age of earning money.).” The same happens with most of them who spend their crucial years of learning trying to amass wealth. The end is sad in most cases; many spoil their friendship, relationship, and whatnot.

One should not fall into the trap of getting rich quickly. Ask yourself whether the opportunity cost is worth the reward? Am I going to be better? Is the product having worth it for me or the others? What would be the worst-case scenario? Am I ready for it?

When you are satisfied with all the answers to the above questions. Only, then go for the plan.

What goes, that goes. Always remember,” Disappointment is temporary, Regret is permanent.”